The Question We Get Asked The MOST!

As you can imagine, a very common question we get asked is, "What's your favorite restaurant right now?!"
Whether it's from people we are just meeting or old friends we've had forever, we always get asked it and love how often it changes. 
Through Utah Grubs, we've had the opportunity to meet SO many amazing people and try incredible restaurants so our answers change all the time. 
Here are our current favorites! I'll update this blog post every time it changes :) 
Will: Sol Agave in American Fork! Get the lobster enchiladas and the butter cake. The butter cake is all Olivia wanted for her birthday for good reason! They are supposedly coming up to Salt Lake County soon and we are so excited.
Olivia: My current favorite would have to be Nomad East in the Harvard/Yale neighborhood. I LOVE their corn, Mary's Chicken dish and pizzas. It is so beautiful to go out on that patio too!